Why Transport Insurance Alone Isn’t Enough and the Importance of Hiring Your Own Surveyor

Transport insurance offers peace of mind by protecting suppliers from damages that may occur during shipment. For example, a loss of reefer power can cause a change in temperature within the container, leading to temperature shock and ultimately damaging the goods. However, insurance only takes effect after an incident is suspected. Insurance companies won’t send their surveyor every time to inspect each container and only intervene after a systematic check of goods is performed.

This is where having your own surveyor comes in handy. They can activate the insurance by collecting information and facts about any transportation-related issues and promptly informing the insurance company. This proactive approach can prevent costly mistakes and ensure your goods are properly protected.

Many buyers don’t consider transportation-related issues and may not realize they have insurance coverage until it’s too late. For example, Russian supermarkets may not control the temperature or document reefer settings and simply release empty containers after unloading the pallets. By having your own surveyor with specific instructions to monitor and report any unusual observations, you can retain the container and wait for the insurance representative or shipping line representative to arrive.

In conclusion, transport insurance is a valuable resource but having your own surveyor provides added protection and peace of mind. Don’t rely on insurance alone – it’s crucial to have a surveyor to ensure your goods are properly protected during shipment.

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