Facilitate your business in Russia and protect it from possible risks: we make doing business with Russian supermarkets safe and easy

Commercial support and sales

We select the most reliable clients for your business, present your goods, collect and coordinate orders.

Legal representation and assistance with document flow

We advise on legal matters, clarify and adjust the terms of supply for exporters, and prepare documents.

Claims settlement 

And accounting for mutual payments with the chains

Quality control representation

We organize joint surveys upon container arrival in Russia to avoid unfair claims to exporters.

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Rejection management

We transport, sort, resell the rejected goods to reduce exporters' losses.

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Sorting, packing

We remove defective fruits and pack the rest to sell with added value.

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Market monitoring

We provide exporters with detailed import analyses and data from Russian supermarkets, including photos and consumers' prices.

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We make doing business with Russia safe and easy.

Trade safely with us.