Alvan Steel (IRN)



Alvan Steel Iranian Co. is involved in importing raw materials for production lines of Iranian home appliances manufacturers and exporting a wide range of Iranian products, such as agricultural products, food industries, and kitchenware, to name just a few.

OrgaVita® is a registered trademark of Alvan Steel, and the name “OrgaVita” refers to the terms “organic” and “vitamin” regarding Iranian agricultural products.

With 21 direct and over 50 indirect employees, the firm has been active in foreign commerce for nearly a decade since its formation. It first started its activities in the fields of supplying raw materials, machinery, and equipment for production lines of Iranian home appliance manufacturers from different Asian and European countries. Along with importing activities, the firm expanded its activity scope to exporting agricultural products (fruits & vegetables) as well as other food industry products (i.e., canned food, dressings, etc.) to target markets in the Russian Federation, Rep. of Armenia, Iraq, etc., to name just a few. The firm is now becoming an Export Management Company (EMC) by attempting to export Iranian electrical home appliances to target countries mainly in EAEU.

Benefiting from experienced, educated, and young human resources as well as its unique supply chain network, the firm has always been seeking excellence and customer satisfaction. Creativity and innovation are the key factors in all the decision-making processes of the company.

Ali Asghar Hashemi is the CEO of Orgavita.

Alvan Steel Iranian is already a member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Mines, Industries, and agriculture, as well as the Iran-Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce and Iran-Armenia Joint Chamber of Commerce. It has also been awarded the following certificates:

  • ISO Integrated Management System
  • ISO Quality Management Systems
  • ISO certificate for Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
  • ISO certificate for Environmental Management Systems