Monsoon (IND)


Monsoon Foods is headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra, India, and was founded in 2007.
Since then, Monsoon has grown
• From a family of 5 farmers to an association of 250+ farmers
• From 1 client in Germany to 10 clients in Germany, UK, Vietnam
From 3 containers a year to hundreds of containers a year in export
Monsoon’s international standard pack house is ready for this season and has a capacity of over 50 metric tons daily.
As a result of this hard work and dedication, Monsoon’s grapes are being exported to European Union (EU) for the last eight years.


Monsoon Foods’ grapes come from an association of 250+ farmers who have taken it upon themselves to produce safe, sweet, and quality grapes. Each farmer in this association is GLOBAL GAP certified, which means that your grapes are grown sustainably and safely using Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

This association is committed to improving farmers’ knowledge through collaborative sessions on upcoming technologies, research, etc. This guarantees continuous quality improvement and an uninterrupted supply of quality grapes.
Check out the interview with Pravin Ramnath Sandhan, Owner of Monsoon Foods, about cooperation with BK SAS: