BK SAS helps exporters to negotiate contracts and season programs with Russian supermarkets.

Season Products open for direct import:

  • Algeria: Dates (Targetex Export Import SARL)
  • Brazil: Mango (Ibacem)
  • Costa Rica: Pineapple (Compagnie Fruitiere)
  • Ecuador: Green Banana (Derose S.A.)
  • Egypt: Oranges, Mandarines (Fruttella for Food Industry S.A.E)
  • Guatemala: Sweet Potato (Gaia International)
  • India: Grapes (Monsoon Natural Fruits LLP)
  • Ivory Coast: Coconut (GaiaInternational)
  • Kenya: Avocado, Mango, Passion Fruit (Biofarms Limited)
  • Madagascar: Lychee (Compagnie Fruitiere)
  • Mexico: Grapefruit (Compagnie Fruitiere)
  • Morocco: Tomato Cherry (Cooperative Adrar)
  • Morocco: Mandarin (Cooperative Mbrouka)
  • Peru: Oranges (Muva SAC)
  • Senegal: Tomato Cherry (Compagnie Fruitiere)

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