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Why Transport Insurance Alone Isn’t Enough and the Importance of Hiring Your Own Surveyor

Transport insurance offers peace of mind by protecting suppliers from damages that may occur during shipment. For example, a loss of reefer power can cause a change in temperature within the container,

Why do we work with retail chains primarily?

As an agent, we are more comfortable working with retail chains than with wholesalers. Why? For several reasons. The main one is because cooperation with them is formalized and predictable. Retail chains

Our partners from Coopérative Agricole M’brouka in Russia

Earlier month our partners from Coopérative Agricole M’brouka visited us in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Together we meet our clients, the largest Russian retail chains: Magnit, X5 Group, Lenta, O’KEY group, and Vkusvill. We also visited the Terminal

Meet Freshterra LLC, our new partner from North Macedonia.

Freshterra specializes on exporting apples: Gala, Idared, and Red Delicious.

Decrease in fruit prices

Every week BK SAS monitors the shelves of Supermarkets in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. We have noticed that fruit prices have been dropping steadily for the past three weeks. The pictures provide a

Dixy has been importing fresh fruit one behalf of Magnit

Following the acquisition on Dixy by Magnit (Tander) in 2021, and following the wave of sanctions that hinted Russia, creating temporary difficulties for Magnit to import directly from some origins, Dixy has

Apples : no granny smith ?

Every week BK SAS monitors the shelves of leading food retail stores in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Interesting insights this week : Apples category : the assortment significantly reduced Only a few weeks

Payments will be delivered in time and fully

Despite the difficult political situation, Russian retail chains guarantee that all the payments will be delivered in time and fully.

Fruit business in Russia: opportunities and challenges

Russia seems to be a land of opportunity for many suppliers because of its vast territory and small domestic fruit production. However, some suppliers do not make money but go broke working