Apples : no granny smith ?

Every week BK SAS monitors the shelves of leading food retail stores in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Interesting insights this week :

Apples category : the assortment significantly reduced

Only a few weeks ago, Russian stores used to offer apples from many origins. But now, we can find only Russian or Turkish apples.

Instead of different varieties, shelves are filled with the same varieties.

Russian clone of the Japanese apple variety Fuji , called “Fujik”

Supermarkets sell this Fujik as Granny. There are no original Granny apples for sale.

Fujik is grown in the orchard of “Sad-Gigant” , it was developed as a clone of the Japanese variety Fuji, and registered as a variety inRussian Federation since 2007 for the North Caucasus region.

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