Terms of service

SAS Bretonskiy Koupets (BK SAS LLC) is a representative agent in Russia for exporters of fruit and vegetables.

We assist exporters in selling goods directly to the largest Russian retail chains.

Our service

In the framework of the permanent mandate given to us, BK SAS represents the Exporter among the Russian customer and undertakes all required professional efforts to promote the Exporter’s sales. Because of the experience of BK SAS in commercializing fruit and vegetables in Russia, foreign exporters entrust us representing them among the Russian customer.

BK SAS keeps the Exporter informed about the market situation and competitors’ actions. BK SAS undertakes all professional efforts required to convey any available information about the buyers’ solvability and looks after the regularity of payments.

The following services are included in the commission, they will not be charged additionally as a service:
– Import market analysis
– Advice on clients to target in priority
– Preparation of a commercial presentation
– Clients approach, organization of meetings
– Sale
– Definition of quality specifications
– Order confirmation
– Delivery coordination
– Preparation of labels
– Preparation of the Russian documentation
– Claim and damage management
– Invoicing, receivables, payments follow-up
– Management of relationship with buyers

The contract is made for an indefinite time starting from its signature.

The remuneration of BK SAS

The remuneration, without taxes, of BK SAS is a commission on sales. The commission rate is 4% (four percent).
The commission is calculated based on the amounts received by the Exporter, following deliveries to clients in the care of BK SAS.

Interventions to control quality at the reception and acceptance of goods will be invoiced separately.
According to reports prepared by BK SAS and confirmed by the Exporter, the commission is paid quarterly. Payment shall be made within 30 days from the invoice date. The Exporter should pay taxes and bank fees at the origin. BK SAS pays taxes and bank fees at the destination.

Contract termination

Each of the parties can end the contract with prior notice of 3 months.

In case of early termination of the Exporter, not justified by serious misconduct of BK SAS, the latter is entitled to an indemnity compensating the loss sustained. Calculation of this indemnity will be customary, and its amount will be fixed according to the following calculation formula: 50% of the commissions earned by BK SAS during the last 12 months before the end of the contract, multiplied by the number of years of the contract, within the limit of 4 years. The indemnity will be payable on the day of the contract termination.

The early contract termination upon the Exporter’s decision, justified by severe misconduct of BK SAS, will deprive the latter of any right to compensation.

The dispositions will not be applicable if the contract ends because of serious misconduct of one of the parties or due to a case of force majeure. The termination will then occur lawfully and automatically one month after a formal notice to the defaulting party by registered letter, with an acknowledgment of receipt.