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How is the situation in Russia with the fresh produce-traders? Is is hard for them to find new markets?

Russian importers are under a lot stress nowadays, because volumes and profit margins are being squeezed. The import ban on EU products is just one factor among many : depreciation of the ruble, cancelation of credit lines, decrease in consumer spending, development of direct imports by discounters.

How far is Russia in being self-sufficient?

Russia is not self-sufficient, but localization is a new growth driver for Russian traders nowadays. Russian orchards and greenhouses need direct investments, and this ban operates as a stimulus. Demand for quality local produce is buoyant: in September, Russian imports decreased by -44% for tomatoes and by -41% for apples in comparison to September 2013. In others words, this autumn, Russian growers are doing very well.

Russian apple corner at Auchan hypermarket in Moscow

Russian apple corner at Auchan hypermarket in Moscow